Randy L. Smith
Senior Level Consultant (ColdFusion, Internet Applications)
Open to opportunities via W-2, 10-99, or C2C

Work Experience

Senior Consultant

Mill-Tek Software Solutions, LLC, 2012 to Present

Responsible for all IT functions: database, architecture, design, programming, customer demonstrations, technical support, online documentation, GUI, interface with consultants/ graphics designers/ documentation personnel, consultation with board and other personnel, sales support, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003 (staging server), SVN, SQL Server, and related programming and functions.

In this role with Mill-Tek, I managed a diverse team of external subcontractors, designers, manual writers, and other independent technical personnel and internal testers and support personnel to effect the design and implementation of public-facing Mobile-Friendly websites (HTML, jQuery, ColdFusion, SQL) and Text Campaign systems that allow customers to easily manage the product.  I presented monthly status reports to the board (stakeholders) and weekly reports to the CEO.

Senior Consultant

TMR Network, Inc., 2007 to Present

Responsible for general business functions and acting CTO (Chief Technical Officer). Primary programming, business management, and other functions necessary in a new, quickly growing business. Customers ranged from very small companies to large corporations such as Reinhart Foodservice and AdzZoo. Invented and copyrighted text marketing gateway software and continue to enhance this gateway software and the overall text marketing system.


Troll Software, 2006 to 2009

Initially responsible for all invention and prototyping of this desktop-based scheduling system that communicates with an online database and suite of web pages. Prototyped desktop application in Foxpro and coordinated re-write to dot-net version with new programmer. Created POP-based SMS and Email notification system to work with desktop-based communication and Internet-based Managed Pages system.  Invented this application and transferred it to the Troll Software company under work agreement.

Owner, President/CEO

Saphea, Incorporated, 2006 to Present
MCPI, LLC, 1995 to 2006

Responsible for all aspects of running the business as is typical of small business owners. Coordinated the efforts of employees and subcontractors to complete customer applications, from concept, contract, architecture, design, implementation, and through to completion.  Customers ranged from very small companies to large corporations such as the Hudson Hospital, Systems Management and Balancing, and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Invented and copyrighted “Managed Pages” software and continue to enhance this suite of web-based business application software.

A private firm that hired Randy to develop a new application for managing data collection for a large HVAC company required multiple levels of technology, HTML, programming, database, FTP, automatic PDF generation to specification, and integration with the proprietary XML output from a hand-held unit that a subcontractor of his brought to the project. This project required numerous timelines and project scheduling challenges due to the customers own employees having low availability for testing.

Contract with Fish and Wildlife service continues; it began in 1996 and we are in the process of transitioning it to the lead development company.

Saphea has web site customers that require Randy’s occasional support.


Strategic Brand Delivery, 2005 to 2006
Advanced Auto Dealer Strategies, 2003 to 2005

Responsible for all programming and design staff, all programming project design and implementation, executive reporting, and standard executive management level duties and functions. Oversaw design and production of full-featured event management system. Maintained strategic relations with other companies.

Consultant, Tech-Pro

Roseville, Minnesota
Guidant Corporation, 1995-1999

Initially part of a Fox Pro development team producing analysis and results for Clinical FDA reporting. Upon reaching lead programmer status, implemented procedures using a then-new Intranet design with Cold Fusion and the Fox Pro database as a back-end to reduce clinical report processing from 6 weeks to 2 hours due to the ability of the reporting staff to continually monitor and clean data as they proceeded rather than waiting for the end of the trials to begin cleaning data. Also implemented automatic report generation which reduced errors significantly and greatly sped up time to production of the report.

Consultant, Technalysis Corporation

Bloomington, Minnesota
Minnesota Municipal Board, 1994-1995
Minnesota Department of Revenue – Bankruptcy Division, 1993-1994

Various consultant projects. Responsible for the early write of the State of Minnesota’s Bankruptcy case processing, and for the initial version of the Minnesota Municipal Board’s Boundary Adjustment Reporting System.


Honeywell Corporation
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Supervisor, 1989-1992
Lead, Customer Support, 1986-1989
MAPPER Coordinator and Programmer, 1982-1986

Supervised 18 people in six departmental functions, including customer support and PC-based programming. As MAPPER programmer, wrote version of Lab Reporting System (an early version of an MRP system) that was completed in six months and survived for many years, including multiple initial attempts to replace it with commercial MRP systems.

Third-Level Customer Support

Sperry Computer Systems (UNIVAC, et al)
Roseville, Minnesota 
MAPPER Third Level Customer Support, 1981-1982
Mainframe Computer Operator, 1978-1980

Graduated quickly from mainframe computer operator to MAPPER programmer due to ability to understand programming and create many useful routines (despite lack of programming education), taking the home-grown language well beyond the limits originally intended for it and showcasing the ability of the product to the world. Programs and utilities I developed ended up on release tapes sent worldwide to new installations. Soon promoted to third-level support where I worked with International customers and the core development group to resolve problems and issues.

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