Randy L. Smith
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Inventions, Copyrights, and Publications

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Any developer worth their salt has "invented" numerous procedures, functions, and methods to make their life easier, and the same is true for Randy. Even as a new programmer, his "inventions" were extraordinary and Sperry included a number of them on the boot tapes shipped to clients around the world.  The following items go a step above.

Managed Pages

Created in the early 2000's to help customers manage their own web sites, this early version of a CMS (Content Management System) was written entirely using ColdFusion with a SQL database backend. Married to routines on the web server, it would also automatically manage IIS (Internet Information Services) and DNS to allow customers to create their own web sites on the fly, assign subdomain names to them so they could start working on them right away, and utilized templates and administrative interfaces with easy WYSIWYG forms for entering text, uploading images and documents, entering hyperlinks, applying widgets, and more.

Managed Pages took a step forward when Randy was able to marry like-web sites into a portal system, and allow the main portal site to "push" one or more or all pages onto the sites that belonged to that portal. Because they were data-based, there was no delay in copying or duplicating web sites; additions and updates were instantly "there" and available. This was very useful to a Used Car portal, where each dealer had their own vehicle inventory, and the portal aggregated all of the active vehicles into one huge inventory that customers could search.

Managed Pages reached its current pinnacle when Randy added the ability to have portals of portals. Imagine a National company with regions, and each region able to manage their own portal of websites, and perhaps each region had States where each State had their own portal of websites. The National, Regional, and State portal administrators were all able to push one or more pages onto all sites in their domain.

Even more, each portal owner could aggregate results, view reports, manage users, and more.

The Managed Pages technology was then brought to bear in the next two inventions as well.

Self-Directed Text Campaign System

In 2007, text was a big thing but there were not many companies offering businesses the ability to create text campaigns that allowed consumers to opt in, and then provided a way for the business customer to transmit a message to those opted in consumers.

Randy created an easy to use interface that allowed businesses to build their own opt-in list of consumers and create campaigns that not only could they develop and send out within minutes, but they could also schedule these campaigns to automatically go out later that day, week, month, or year. Businesses could send out a text to regulars to help them fill the seats on a slow day, while also setting up their text marketing campaigns for holidays and weekends far in advance.

Self-Administrated Mobile Web System

Working from a jQuery system foundation developed by another company, Randy rewrote this system to work with his Managed Pages system, creating an easy-to-use and administrate Mobile-friendly web site system using newer HTML techniques and on-screen dynamic verification of what the finished site would look like.

Interactive Text System

Utilizing the gateway features of ColdFusion, Randy developed both POP-based and SMPP-based text systems that allowed companies to communicate with customers, and for customers to be able to query the system to retrieve and update specific information. For instance, customers could request a copy of the contact information that a company had for them, then change that information if desired. They could query appointment schedules, change their appointments, and more. While Randy did not "invent" this process, he certainly took it to the next level with the capabilities he created.


Randy holds two copyrights. The first copyright is to his Managed Pages System, and the second is to the text campaign system he developed in 2007. Both are explored in more detail above and in the Work Experience and Work Detail pages.


Randy has written four technical articles regarding ColdFusion programming. They were published in the ColdFusion Developer's Journal. This magazine is no longer in print by that name, but has been "re-invented" into other Sys-Con Publishing's magazines.
1Online, it states that this article was published in November, 2003. That is incorrect.
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